avis-richards CEO and founder birds nest foundationDear Friends,

On behalf of Birds Nest Foundation, I am delighted to report that 2015’s grant requests resulted in a record first quarter. We worked with several inspiring organizations such as VH1 Save the Music Foundation, Melanoma Research Alliance, Groceryships, Peace First, and Greenbeetz. Since inception, we have provided over 300 programming media grants to non-profit organizations, allowing our productions to provide a powerful impact.

We are humbled by the work that we do and the recognition that we have recently received as critics review our digital media work. Adding to our Emmy nominations and several-dozen industry awards, Birds Nest Foundation recently won a Telly award, a Davey award, a W3 award, and three Pixie awards. We hope that this year’s projects garner additional accolades; however, we know that success is truly measured by the impact we have on our non-profit clients.

Since our first year, the Ground Up Campaign has grown to include 15 states, impacting over 30,000 children nationwide. The 230 gardens we provided have been used as an educational tool in classrooms, serving to teach students the life process of food from seed to table. Teachers and students alike have provided an overwhelmingly positive response, especially since introducing our new aquaponic gardens from Aqualibrium. We hope to serve as a model for nutrition education in schools, and are grateful to our wonderful partners including Wellness in the Schools, Whole Foods, Health Warrior, FoodCorps, and Greenbeetz. As the year progresses, we look forward to establishing new partnerships to ensure that more schools have access to our gardens and curriculum.

In addition, Birds Nest Foundation has developed a very well-rounded internship program that provides invaluable professional experience to students of all majors, including film, production, and communications. As part of the program, we promote diversity and teach our interns the basics of production, scripting, blogging, social media, and non-profit management. Our summer internship program includes weekly lectures from industry professionals, documentary screening nights, and trips to media networks in New York City.

I am delighted to announce that Birds Nest Foundation formed a Young Professional Philanthropist Board to work in conjunction with our Board of Directors. We are honored to have these leaders support our cause as they step into the world of philanthropy.

Finally, a special thank you is extended to those who have helped Birds Nest reach this point: our Board of Directors, our sponsors, friends of Birds Nest Foundation, our financial supporters, and my family. Please continue to support us, watch our videos on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and spread the word so that together, we can do our small part to help change the world for the better.

Yours always,
Avis Richards


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